I was introduced to photography by my dad when I was a young teenager with a Kodak film camera. It was fun. We were always taking pictures and making home movies. My neighbor down the street was a portrait photographer. He built his own camera, and had a darkroom in his house. This process just was fascinating! In High school, my friend and I each got a 35 mm camera at a local pawnshop. This was the beginning of taking color slides for me.

While I was in the army, I spent a lot of time learning the fundamentals of darkroom work and soon was the photographer for events and promotions. I bought myself a Pentax 35 mm camera at the PX. I even had a little dark room of my own. And I was taking pictures whenever I could…  Click to Continue


I have a studio in my house in Harrisville, which is open to the public during the fall and winter months or by appointment. Click to Contact